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About ImageWorks Veterinary

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Reliable and affordable medical imaging products for over three decades

ImageWorks Veterinary's 30 plus years of experience in research, product development, manufacturing and distribution of medical, dental and veterinary imaging solutions distinguishes us from the rest. 

From the demanding environmental conditions of a remote clinic in a South American rain forest to the high volume requirements of a major New York medical center, ImageWorks Veterinary's products are the indispensable tools of medical, dental, veterinary and industrial professionals. Sold worldwide, the ImageWorks Veterinary family of products has an outstanding reputation for ISO 13485 quality and reliability.

ImageWorks Veterinary's comprehensive staff consists of engineers, mechanical engineers, product designers, technical support staff, an international and domestic sales force, and customer support team. In addition, we are committed to our global network of sales and service representatives, who educate and support our valued professional customers. 

ImageWorks Veterinary proudly stands behind our products and our customers unlike anyone else.